eMule Xtreme

eMule modification that gives you a performance boost

eMule Xtreme is an add-on for your P2P client that gives you a some extra features and optimizations. Easy to install and set up, this is a must-have for all file sharers.

Main Features:

  • Maella Bandwidthcontrol, caculates the real Overhead
  • NAFC (network adapter feedback control)
  • Advanced Uploadbandwidththrottler with adjustable slotspeed
  • Xtreme Downloadmanager for a clever source-handling
  • Improved Xtreme-Creditsystem
  • Powerrelease with dynamic Hide OS
  • IP to country - show country-flags
  • Dynamic Leecher Protection (DLP)
  • Hundreds of code improvements

eMule Xtreme


eMule Xtreme 8.1